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Menacing Mystery Threatens Homor

Posted by Val Fox on October 26, 2014 at 6:50 PM


My name is Carmel Mae Whitney. I live at Ridgeway drive, number 4 in the town of Homor Oreos. I, I ..the date is October 29, 2014. I swear the story I will tell you is true. It really did happn tonight when I walked along the path from the park. This THING followed me on the other side of the trees. I'm sure it followed me.

It shon really bright and was a sparkly blue. When I walked, it mooved when I moved. I wanted to run but I coudnt. I tried to just walk normal and pretend I didnt see t. I could hear my breathing and I wanted to be quiet but I coulnt.

I kepped walking until I could see the lights from Barnwell's store. It was real quiet and my y chest thudded hard. Oh

when I was almost there the light disapeered. I coudnt see it any more. So I started to run.

Then I heard something like a real sick person thats hurting bad. But it was different too. The sound kind of rattled, you know like a person who's dying. Yeah. Then it got louder. It was behind me. UI knew it was. I could feel it. It was hot like it wanted to burn me. I kepped running and the light came closer behind me. I slipped on the rocks and my ears popped and it hurt.

The ground turned blue and I raced from the trees to the store. Barnwell already locked the door and went hme. I saw the lights go out and banged on the door and said let me in! Bt he had gone home early because his wife is sick.

So I ran here to you guys and and it shreeked like a siren was behind me and I don't know if it's still out there or not!  I dont know what it was. I have to get back home to my little ones. I was only supposed to be gone a cupple of minutes. And now I need to get home but that thing is out there. That's all I know.

Carmel Mae Whitney.

Photo: Val Fox

Tags: Halloween tales; mysterious light; Girl followed; Unsafe Streets; Is This For Real  

Categories: Writing/Photography

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1 Comment

Reply old baldy
11:23 PM on November 9, 2014 
Hi. Finally got around to reading your blog again. That is an interesting direction you are going with your writing. I like it. Keep experimenting. It is the only way to grow and find what makes you feel as if you have achieved what you are supposed to do. Knowing you the spelling was difficult to allow but added much to the feel. The feeling of being followed or watched is something most people have experienced and can relate to. Good choice for a short story especially at halloween.Have a great time in the tall trees. I'll be checking in more often now that the winter seems to have settled in.


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