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Getting Into The Zone

Posted by Val Fox on April 29, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Have you entered Into The Zone lately? You know, that state of mind where you become focused on a task and the flow of energy makes everything come together even better than expected, the best possible outcome.

Some refer to being In The Zone as on a roll, in the groove, tuned in or on fire. The Verbal Dictionary describes In The Zone as a state of conciousness where our skills perfectly match our perceived performance.


                                 massdistraction via Compfight cc

 We can get Into The Zone through a number of different activities. Examples might include:

When I ________, I get Into The Zone.


                        run                   write              swim laps  

                  listen to music     read    work in the garden               

                  hike in the mountains          re-build my car        


                                    photograph the ocean

                                         ride my horse

Researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi said we can recognize this state of consciousness by the joy or even rapture one feels while doing the activity.

While this kind of flow is similar to hyperfocus, the latter can sometimes inhibit progress or focus. Examples could be video game addiction or too much focus on work to the detriment of one's health. But for many the phrase is an idiom with positive implications.

What does being In The Zone mean to you? How do you know when you're In The Zone?


                                      Photo Credit: Bronski Beat via Compfight cc


                                  Noise level lowers/rises              

        We stop or increase talking (depending on our  focus)

     We become more productive             We get more creative.

    We feel content - even joyful            We enjoy what we're doing


                                         Time goes quickly

There's another positive result when we're In The Zone. We often lose self-consciousness, thereby allowing our full potential to shine. If you have any thoughts about being In The Zone, your comments are always appreciated.

This is the final blog for the April 2014 A-to-Z Challenge. Thanks to all those that visited, commented or joined this website.

I'll be back soon with more images, stories and music as we continue to explore Earth And Its Inhabitants. 



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