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Searching For Harmony

Posted by Val Fox on April 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM

The following blog post was a flash-writing exercise where thoughts tumbled out in no particular order and with no edits. The end goal was to find a way back to harmony.


I love to listen to the news every day at least once, and a low-volume news channel often serves as background noise during the day. While learning to think like a journalist, I turned into a news hound. I don't always fully understand some news stories and often listen again to gain clarity. From there I write it down using the simplest words, adding metaphors or even gestures (if telling the story.)

This practice, although stimulating, has another side.

I grieve with families of Flight 370 passengers and crew; the most recent school attack gives me alarmed pause; stories of refugees on perilous journeys and victims of violence provoke anger or sadness; tragedies resulting in forever-altered lives tug at my spirit. Some days I feel frustrated and powerless as I learn about the world's inhabitants. Other days I step back, not knowing who to trust, all from watching the news.

Then I pause to say "Thank you" for all the gifts and opportunities I have here in Canada. The time is now 11:30 a.m. I will not listen to the news for the rest of the day.

(2 seconds later)

My body still works considering the abuse I put it through. The brain works most days but it never stops chattering. It takes continued practice to quiet my mind so I can hear the wisdom it contains. When I remain open to new thoughts, while practicing discernment and peaceful contemplation - Oh! and while we're on the subject of..

The chattering starts again. I turn off the volume.

Fan whirls feathered air to caress cheeks and neck. Wet snow drips off the roof; I hear tapping hooves and gentle snorts. Shimmering snow flows to melting pools. Dogs on bales study ground squirrel holes. Sun-bathing cats stretch then turn to bake the other side. Coffee maker pops and the refrigerator motors up. A meadowlark melody celebrates an emerging sun; Boots wait on stairways and some tulips have sprung.

Still chattering.


(3 minutes later)

Wow, that felt good. I wonder if..


(10 seconds later)
It's okay to breathe.


Heading In For Breakfast    © Val Fox

(40 minutes later)

With wagging companions I walked to the barn,

The chattering stopped.

Sweet, flowered hay and moist earth scented the air

It stopped.

Warm wind kissed, the snow vanished.

Earth began her joyful song.

When I got quiet and found her rhythm.

She whispered, "Join me."

The noised stopped. 

                                HARMONY - The Letter H

Thanks for visiting as we continue the A-to-Z Challenge for April, 2014. The next post will feature the letter "I." Further info on this blog hop can be found when you click on the following link.

The next post will feature the letter "I."

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1 Comment

Reply Sarah Allen
1:03 PM on April 10, 2014 
Beautiful! Love that painting.

Sarah Allen
(From Sarah, With Joy)


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