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Sources of Comfort

Posted by Val Fox on April 4, 2014 at 1:50 AM

Today's post features the letter "C" for comfort. We get comfort from memories, the written word, places, smells, music, tastes and activities. These are just a few sources of comfort. Do you have a favorite source of comfort that you'd like to share with readers? We'd love to read your comments.

Source: Compfight Creative Commons

Hot Springs provide comforting warmth even in winter with natural minerals instead of chemicals. This reminds me of the mineral pools at Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Source: Compfight Creative Commons

The comforting warmth of a campfire soothes us as we stare into the light. Just add something warm to sip on such as hot chocolate or coffee. Perfect.

Source: evananimals on Flickr

Gorrillas comfort their young just like humans and other mammals.

Source: Compfight Creative Commons

Running through a sprinkler is a favorite activity on hot, summer days. When was the last time you ran through the sprinkler?

Source: Toadbriar by Kim Parkhurst (etsy)

Cats, quilts, tea and slippers add to the comforting feel of this graphic by Kim Parkhurst.

Source: Pinterest

These horses enjoy the feel of cool water when they take time for a dip at the horse spa.

Source: Compfight Creative Commons

Yummy chicken soup goes down easy when loved ones fight the cold and sniffles.

Source: Compfight Creative Commons

Did someone ever knit you warm socks for Christmas? Knitted socks go well with flannel pyjamas.

           Source: fisherbray on Flickr

The Passage at Chattanooga, Tennessee offers a comforting pause on the hottest summer day; just remember to remove your shoes and step carefully.

Source: Pinterest

People often get comfort from beloved pets such as this cuddly cat. Who is your favorite cuddle companion?

Source: Compfight Creative Commons

Never be too proud to ask for comfort when you need it, no matter what your age.

Thanks to all my visitors! Tomorrow's post will feature the letter "D" as we continue the A to Z Challenge where bloggers from around the world post each day in April, 2014 (except Sundays.) For more details or to participate, click on the link below and join us.

I'll be back tomorrow. Bye for now!

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Reply Laura Zam
3:23 PM on April 4, 2014 
Thanks for your post! I really loved the pictures. So soothing (comforting!) just looking at them.
Reply Donna Ison
12:08 PM on April 4, 2014 
Comfort is napping with a purring cat against your bare back in a warm bed with Barry Manilow on the stereo, rain falling outside, and a pot of vegetable soup waiting on the stove.


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