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Reclusive and Mysterious Species

Posted by Val Fox on April 1, 2014 at 6:15 AM

Welcome to the April 2014 A to Z blog hop where bloggers gain exposure, followers and new connections. Participants will feature a short post each day in April (except Sundays) with a topic that somehow relates to the letters in the English alphabet.  Today's post features the letter A and one of Earth's most reclusive inhabitants.

The Annamite Striped Rabbit was discovered in 1995 in the northern and central Annamite mountains on the Vietnam/Laos border.


Very little is known about this ground-hugging herbivore that lives in the tropical rainforest, hiding by day, feasting by night. What distinguishes it from other rabbit species are seven dark stripes and the short ears and legs.

Since research is scarce, we don't yet know much about its breeding habits, range or how it communicates. But there is one thing we can see clearly: the main threats to this small creature are hunters and their dogs. We can also assume it is threatened with loss of habitat due to agriculture and logging.

There has only been a single, live Annamite Striped Rabbit ever photographed in its natural habitat. Since the night photo is not clear, I've included the above illustration that most closely shows off this little guy's best features.

There are no current plans by either governments to conserve or protect this reclusive inhabitant of our Earth.

If you'd like to join us for the A to Z challenge, click on the following link and get on the list. We will visit as many sites as possible during April so sign up and jump in. At last count there were 1622 participants and the list was growing by the day.

I'll return tomorrow to feature the letter B and more of our Earth's inhabitants. Thanks for visiting!


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