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Posted by Val Fox on March 26, 2014 at 1:50 AM

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When Casey Neistat was asked to produce a video trailer for the upcoming film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, he had a different idea of how to spend the $25,000 budget provided by 20th Century Fox. Neistat flew to the Phillipines and saw for himself  the destruction left by a November 7, 2013 typhoon. He wanted to help.

Entire communities had been flattened; thousands were left without shelter, fresh water or food and no resources to help themselves. Unable to arrange for trucks, Neistat and his team rented two large passenger busses, filled them with relief supplies, then drove into some areas hardest hit by the storm.

Together, the team provided food and water for thousands of desperate families, and tools to help them re-build. Thank you to another of Earth's Inhabitants for showing the world what can be accomplished when we turn a good idea into an even better one.

You can learn more about Neistat at


                                     Photo: Life News

Lee Jong-rak often saw abandoned babies left to perish on the streets of South Korea so he and his wife decided to provide an alternative for desperate mothers. He built a wooden box onto his home that provided light and warmth. He posted a sign and the babies arrived, some with sad notes, others with nothing but their mother's tears.

This man's efforts will be featured in a 72-minute documentary called The Drop Box, produced by film maker Brian Ivie.  You can learn more about Jong-rak's efforts to make a difference at


It's almost  time again for the annual A to Z Challenge where participating bloggers post every day in April except for Sundays. Each post coincides with a letter from the alphabet; writers can choose a theme or post random topics.


Participants of this blog hop are encouraged to visit other blogs to offer feedback, make connections or learn more about a particular interest. At the time of this post there were 1622 bloggers from around the world preparing for April 1.

Come and join us. It's a lot of fun!

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