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Inspiration Is Everywhere

Posted by Val Fox on February 24, 2014 at 4:50 PM


There are thousands of sites on the internet that offer inspiration in a variety of forms such as: the arts; sciences and research; people in action and how-to articles. History offers up thousands of heroes and survivors, villains and saints. Here are three of Earth's inhabitants; each has a story that inspires hope in humanity. They inspire me to to share my good fortune with others, and I'm sure they will inspire you.

Twenty-year-old Shane Burkaw has spinal muscular atrophy, a degenerative disease that will gradually destroy his ability to move, to talk, to even breath. He knows he will die and has expressed his fear.



In spite of the looming threat to his life, Shane still has the wisdom of a man much older. He reminds us that no matter our circumstances, we all have control over our thoughts and our dreams. Shane Burkaw says he's learning to "accept realities as they come." What a privilege it is to listen to him speak.  These two links will provide more information and videos of this remarkable individual.

Award-winning Lydia Cacho Ribeiro is a Mexican journalist and human rights activist. Described by some as "Mexico's most famous investigative journalist and women's rights advocate,"


                             Source: Wikipedia

Cacho's reporting focuses on violence and sexual abuse of women and children. She once exposed a pedophelia ring involving high-profile businessman.  A recorded conversation that emerged implied that a plot was planned to beat and sexually assault her in retaliation for her stories. You can learn more about this courageous writer at:

Tom Wyncoop, a pizza shop owner in Pennsylvania is one man that puts good intention into action.


                                Courtesy of:

When the weather gets bad he will deliver essential provisions and medications to housebound individuals that include those with respiratory difficulties. Thanks, Tom, for making a difference and inspiring others to give back.  Reader can read more of Billy Hallowell's story about Tom Wyncoop at:

Each day millions of people choose to make a difference to some of Earth's other inhabitants. Future posts will feature more of these inspiring individuals. Let's allow their works and efforts to push us out of ourselves and closer to the rest of the world.

The following writer understood that each connection affects the next; we are all part of the circle.


                                       John Muir: Pinterest

      "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to                                        everything else in the universe."

 - John Muir, Founder of the Sierra Club and protecter of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

'Till next time, stay safe, friends. Thanks to those who have recently joined this site and to those who continue to visit. I look forward to your stories, your comments and your contact.

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