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Prayers Before Slaughter

Posted by Val Fox on October 21, 2013 at 8:25 PM

Yesterday there was a bison kill nearby.  People gathered to pray for the animals, then a number of participants cut up the meat to be used in ceremonies and feasts.  Nothing is wasted.  When I realized what was happening I turned my head away from the window and got busy with other tasks.  I respect those who uphold past traditions, yet my love for animals keeps me from participating.  I would rather see them running in the field, living as they did a century ago.

Last week another stray dog arrived and we've been trying to locate its owners.  Yesterday, two more stray horses showed up.  Sometimes I wonder if we should start or work together with an animal rescue organization,  It would take some serious fund-raising to build such a thing, but we have plenty of space and a deep regard for every animal that crosses our path.  We would have to come up with a plan for a not-for-profit entity.  I will look for some direction from those who have or are currently operating such a venture.  Below is a photo of the little dog we have not yet named.  I hope we can find his family.

The trailer continues to provide a cozy place to sleep and work.  Now that summer is over I have parked the RV next to the house, out of the wind.  The yard is big enough so that it still feels like I'm camping.  The closest neighbours live about 1/2 km away.  Each day I nurture the gratitude I feel for living in wide open spaces, where I can watch the birds and animals, where I can light a campfire in the yard and view a star-filled sky at night.

I'm currently working on a story for a Christmas anthology to be published in time for the holiday season.  My book about working the front line with kids is almost complete.  Then, I must decide to market it the "old" way with a publishing house, or publish it myself.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both.  I am eager to get the opinions of others who have already published one or more books.  Writing website copy also keeps me busy.

For those of you reading this, I'd love to hear from you.  Just send a note on the CONTACT ME button and I will be happy to reply.  Bye for now, and stay safe. 

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Reply Val
3:46 PM on November 19, 2013 
Sorry it took so long to reply to you comment. I posted a response two times then learned the post was not showing up. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong and need to find out what it is. This reply comes from a searcher's viewpoint instead of going in and editing my blog. Make sense?

I enjoyed the interesting questions you posed and have some individuals in mind that may like to respond to them. I will provide you with addresses as soon as possible. Maybe you could share your findings with us. Perhaps all belief systems contain truth - the truth our very beliefs create; perhaps we really don't have all the information yet to be sure about anything.

I'd love to feature some of your pics in a photo essay and hope you will consider it. You provide interesting captions and information too. Please let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by.
Reply old baldy
2:30 PM on November 2, 2013 
I love your pictures. The comment about the bison kill reminded me of a program on TV about native beliefs about the spirit of animals, plants and mountains. Do you know of a web site I could access which would explain if the belief extends to all life such as to bacteria and even to molecules? If a mountain has a spirit does an individual grain of sand? We are comprised of cells which grow, divide and eventually die. Does each cell have an individual spirit? Some people seem to be worried about the survival of the planet. If the scientists are right the planet will survive long after all life on it is gone but will not survive beyond the death of the sun. But the atoms from which everything is formed will be recycled into another sun and probably a completely different form of matter. I often think about the difference in perception between the various belief systems around the world. A philosopher offered the idea when two opposite "facts" are expressed both can't be right but both can be wrong. It is also possible both can have a grain of truth but an incorrect interpretation of the significance of that truth. Keep up the good work. Your articles are a source of information and inspiration.


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