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Research Chimps Retire

Posted by Val Fox on May 4, 2013 at 6:30 PM

Biomedical research animals have helped scientists develop improved products, everything from medicines that save lives to the cosmetics and shampoos we are taught to think we need. They live in unnatural conditions, often caged their entire lives in a laboratory until their usefulness ends.

The fate of more than 400 medical-research chimpanzees owned or supported by the United States government is being decided.  Controversy exists between those who think the scientific value justifies the use of chimps for research, and those who believe we should find other methods of medical testing.

This subject was recently examined in a film called From Research To Rescue, which aired on CNN on April 22, and writer Andrew Westoll won the Charles Taylor Prize for Non-Fiction with his book, The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary.  Both sources educate and enlighten the public on the different sides to this emotional issue.

Take a look at the video below called Introduction to Chimp Haven.  You will see laboratory chimps in their new surroundings, free from cages and restraints.  Lucky for these guys, a better quality of life is being offered.  Sanctuaries for rescued animals need our support to pay for staff, medical bills, food and even better facilities.  There are legitimate rescue operations in both the U.S. and Canada.   Ask your veterinarian, ASPCA or you can start with the links below.  Thanks for watching.

Today's letter was R - for Research Chimps Retire.


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