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God of My Understanding

Posted by Val Fox on December 3, 2012 at 11:30 PM

      For many years I’ve searched for answers about God, the universe, this world and others, asking questions and reading, discussing, then avoiding. After attending several different churches I eventually made a choice about just who or what I would pray to. It got tiresome feeling confused when so many different religions claimed to be a direct channel to God and the one and only true church. With a small seed of faith I opened my mind and heart. Since that day I have still questioned and researched, but always end back at the same place…one on one with Someone in my own heart Who Hears, Someone I will be honest with.


When I act as though a greater power exists, that’s just what I get. Inspiration, wisdom, guidance, truth – a friend. When in doubt or pleading for favors, the result is frustration and despair. Quantum physics tells us that we create our current reality, and that there are other realities available to us when we think different thoughts which lead to different choices which lead to different outcomes ( or similar.) Kind of fits right in with a simple faith in a creator and teacher. He is or he isn’t, we are or we aren’t, It is or It isn’t, they are or they aren't depending on what we allow ourselves or challenge ourselves to believe. And, of course, what our culture has taught us to believe.

Simple until our ego gets involved.  EGO is sometimes used as an acronym for Easing God Out.  Kind of fits, don’t you think.



                             What to let go of and what to keep…how to forgive, what will we reap

                            Whether to stay or whether to leave, how to excel or at least to achieve

                       When to take risks, how far will we go to do what we must or accept status quo…

                     The answers will come or are already here, so trust in Spirit and cradle your tears.


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Tags: Spirituality; rejecting religion; spiritual practice; seeking truth; church membership; world religions; finding peace; using discernment


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1 Comment

Reply old baldy
12:00 PM on April 27, 2013 
Good thoughts Val. From what I read most people have questions that change and recur throughout life. It seems even the most devout adherents sometimes have doubts about the existence of God or the activities of a supreme being. Science is great for the small immediate stuff like building a house or making materials. The really basic questions such as where did the energy come from to create the much touted Big Bang are avoided or guessed at because of a lack of ability to test the ideas. When looking at the really big or extremely small things get a whole lot less certain. Ideas seem to change daily. It is comforting to think there is something or someone who is totally reliable, available and in control. Maybe in this world of turmoil that is the best we can hope for.


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