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FB Lists and Thunderstorms

Posted by Val Fox on June 28, 2012 at 4:35 PM

Sometimes I hate the thought that I'm on someone's list.  When I first joined Facebook I decided I would not collect friends but choose people I could actually have some sort of relationship with.  Whether it was other writers, parents/foster parents, work or school collegues didn't matter. They were all on the same list of friends.

Then FB introduced lists where you could sort your friends into categories - aquaintances, business leads, work-related and so forth.  I know how valuable it can be when networking with others.  But I still struggle a little with the list thing.  It seems so impersonal.  Just some thoughts.

And while we're at it, I struggle like hell with the thought of marketing myself.  Yet, in today's publishing world it's a necessity to plug yourself into all kinds of social media and strategy.  Since I have not yet completed all the steps I've kept my friends list manageable, with those who I have something in common with and would like to know better.

This website is the place where I encourage visitors from all over the world to come.  This site is a place of acceptance for all people of our earth, whether or not I agree with them on certain issues or share similar values.  People will not be put on lists here, as you are all valuable and have something to say.  The only thing I ask is that comments be respectful of others, which they have always been.  I want to hear your stories, about your lives and about what matters to you, and welcome your input or messages.

I am still camped down at the dam and and am lucky to have an opportunity to meet new people and live among the wildlife of the area.  Three nights ago the campground was hit with a violent hail storm.  The photo below shows some of the hail still lying on the ground.  My trailer was hit by golf-ball sized hail stones which dented the roof and broke two sky lights.  The campground was littered with broken branches but no one was hurt.  It is the season here for thunder and lightening storms, with June rains.  Last weekend members of my Blackfoot family had a ceremony where they opened a medicine bundle and prayed for many people.  The bundle is opened each year when the thunder begins.

From now on you can expect posts on Thursdays when I can access my computer at home.  Thanks for visiting, friends.  I'll be back soon with more photo's and music from around the world.  Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to share with other readers.

Hail storm June 25

Young robin stayed still for the camera.  No zoom lens needed.

Many of these small ground squirrels live all around my camp site.  Their interactions are funny and entertaining.

tags:  camping, southern Alberta, weather, friendship, culture, people, cultural diversity, writing, story-telling, amateur photography 

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