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Spring Photos

Posted by Val Fox on May 11, 2012 at 1:45 AM

Events over the last several days took over my time at the keyboard - issues with kids, painting walls, the new foal's infected leg and more.  Finally wrote a piece for Mothers Day late last night.  When I reviewed what I thought was the published version, the blog was not on the page.  Pouring another late-night coffee, I re-wrote today's blog.  Before I even hit save as a draft, the page disappeared off the screen, and so did the power.  When power was restored the blog was still gone so I re-wrote it a third time.  As I wrote I noticed a draft of something not present before.  I wondered if it was my original version, so when I opened it, what happened...I forgot to save the third copy.  Also gone.  Perhaps fatigue had caught up and part of my brain was already at rest.   Perhaps my mom didn't like what I wrote. Lol.  Whatever the reason, today is a new day.  I'll look forward to sharing some thoughts on Mothers Day tomorrow.  Here are some recent photos of our home in southern Alberta.  Thanks for stopping by.

Yes, you are seeing snow.  This photo was taken this morning, May 10, 2010.  A spring snowfall that will soak into the soil, help nourish the plants.  There are tiny flowers blooming underneath this heavy, wet snow, but the snow works more like a blanket, protecting the plant so long as it does not break the stems of the shooting stars, yellow buffalo beans and prairie smoke.

Delicate poppies growing in one of the flower beds.  Taken yesterday, May 09, 2010 on a warm, sunny day.  Every drop of water is precious in this area as it can get quite arid during summer.  When it rains, water from the roof is collected in two large barrels, then distributed to the plants or bushes.  Also noticed a difference when I use rain water for inside plants rather than the hard, mineral-laden water that is trucked in to our underground cistern.  They thrive and appear healthier.

Come on, Katrina.  You're safe.  Foal is now three days old.

Chief Mountain is a sacred site among the Blackfoot people that live in this area.  It is located across the U.S. border in northwestern Montana.

Tepee Poles at Sunset.

Every drob of moisture is precious in this part of the world.  Farmers, ranchers and municipalities are in a constant negotiation over water rights.  There are no water lines for irrigation on our fields so we depend on the rain, and have water trucked in and dumped into an underground cistern.  We pay $20 per load and one load of water lasts about 10 days.

This final photo is of the bison bull that lives next door with his herd of cows and young bulls.  He is a magnificent fellow when running across the prairie or acting as sentinal.

Photos:  by Val fox  Copyright protected.  All rights reserved.

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